Offtrack trailer turn calculator


What you see

Download the Outtrack trailer turn calculator spreadsheet and enter the details in the yellow boxes.  You will get a straight forward answer to the questions “Will the car go round?” and “Will the trailer tow round?”

When driving into the corner ensure that the towing vehicle is aligned so that the inside wheels are at the inside ‘Tow vehicle rear wheel sweep radius’ out from the center point.  This will ensure maximum clearance on the inside of the turn.  The objective with the tow vehicle is to drive straight into the corner to get the front bumper as close to the outside edge as possible.  So drive toward the corner with the inside tow vehicle wheels at the distance you just calculated, then when the car’s front outside edge gets to the ‘Tow vehicle outside sweep radius’ turn the steering to the required amount of lock to track around that curve.  The trailer will follow on behind cutting the corner but will not swing in farther than ‘Trailer inside sweep radius’.  depending on the length of the tow combination, the radius of the turn and the number of degrees you turn through the inside trailer wheel may not make it all the way to the ‘Trailer inside wheel sweep radius’  If you do a full circle it’s sure to get there...

Another thing to be careful of is the out swing of the rear of the trailer.  Most trailers are designed to limit the out swing.  If your rear trailer overhang is greater than the hitch to wheel distance this will be a problem you need to consider.  If you have inside clearance to spare take the turn tighter.

Oh if you don’t like metric measurements you can put in whatever units you like as long as they are all consistant.  Don’t go mixing feet and inches cause that won’t work.  These calculations are not designed for 5th Wheel units but it would be a simple matter to modify it to work.  Drop me an email if you want one and I will see what I can do.

No guarantees are provided with this spreadsheet.  If you get your trailer stuck don’t come running to me.  Oh and if you want to know:  My caravan wouldn’t go around the corner and is now in storage.

Get the Outtrack trailer turn calculator spreadsheet here