Offtrack trailer turn calculator


The input information

To use the outtracking calculator you need to know: Tow Vehicle length, wheelbase, rear overhang, width and the tracking (distance between the wheels of your car).  For the trailer or caravan you need to know the length, length excluding the tow hitch and the distance from the tow hitch to the trailer wheel.

You will also need the curb to curb turning circle of your tow vehicle.  You can find this from the manufacturers website or possibly in your owners manual.  The curb to curb turning circle is used to calculate the minimum turn radius of the vehicle to see if you can actually get your car around the corner without the trailer!

Of course you also need to know a little bit about the corner.   The diagram is fairly self explanatory but it might be quite tricky to measure accurately.   The key information is the inside and outside turn or curve radius.