Toxic Celery Software

One of the best ballistic Chronographs on the market today is the Combro.  Combro has a Windows program to capture the reading to a PC.  There isn’t a Mac OS-X version. 

There is now!

It’s free so go ahead give it a go.

Connect your Combro to your Mac, you will need a serial port for your Mac and the serial cable from Combro.  Combro also provide instructions for building your own serial cable.  An excellent USB Combro cable is available from Paul Jones, details can be found here.

MacCombro captures the readings from your Combro and saves them as a comma separated variables file that you can open with Excel or Numbers to plot graphs.

The window is scalable to provide a large text view of the current reading.  Minimum, Maximum and Average values are calculated.  You can freely select imperial or metric units and the stored values are automatically recalculated with your new settings

Combro is the registered trade mark of the directors of Combro Ltd

Revision Log:

1.03  Added Sound

1.02 Recompiled to support PPC Macs

1.01 Original release