Toxic Celery

Some people love it and others hate it.  Put me firmly in that second category.  Celery is the devils vegetable.  According to wikipedia, celery is right up there with peanuts as a severe allergen.  They go so far as to suggest that it 

can induce fatal anaphylactic shock.  They also indicate that it greatly exasperates exercise-induced anaphylaxis.  This adds very significant weight to my arguments against eating celery and exercising.

The main reason for this web site, apart from winding up flip about celery, is to peddle my mediocre software offerings.  I have been a programmer for many years and from time to time write a little application or utility to perform a task i need doing.  my thoughts are that if i need to do it then probably others do as well, so here is where those others can get their hands on my tool.

Welcome to Toxic celery

Name: Paul

Age: 52

Location: Radstock UK

Occupation: SW Guy

Family: Flip, Naomi, Alex, Chrissy and Molly

Pets: Mungo, Mrs TiBBLes, Moaning Murtle and Noodle Plus the girls in egg production

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